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& Nbsp; Narcos & # 39; Take a Peak in the Video Game 2019 Third Qatar – Period


U.K. Publisher Cover Digital Hit Netflix Crime Series "Narcos" turns it into a video game and fans get a smile on every new teaser trailer.

"Narcos: Cartes of Rise" is a tactical action adventure game in the first season of the show. In the story of Drugman Pablo Escobar, players choose Medieline Cartel or DA. Cove is collaborating with Digital Gowmonde and Developer Kuju. The third quarter of 2019 will continue.

"Narcus: The Rise of the Trades & # 39; is an exciting challenge," Rosemary Buchin, director of Curve Digital Marketing, said. "We like the show and make sure our game confirms the source status, locations, characters, clothes, symbolic music, and we think the action-packing, turn-based strategy gaming perfectly reflects itself in the" narcos "world."

"Working with the Narcos Licensor is still an incredible experience for the group in the pit," said Matt White, head of KUJU STUDIO. "As creators, we provide the ability to create amazing opportunities to say geyimpling extraordinary stories of the game world is such a dynamic and surrounding bahusvaravumaya. & # 39; narkkeas: karttalelsinre Rise & # 39; We are incredibly proud of the name. It is pearuttappetumenn tiriyunnayuteyum fans of the series, the tactical strategy ago Tiksikkunnu. "

"Narcos" is currently available through Netflix in 130 countries. Its third season premiered in the US as the most demanded digital origin and one of the world's top five world-wide figures in the Parat Analytics Report. Fourth season, "Narkos: Mexico", began on Friday, November 16 and searched for the emergence of modern drugs in the 1980s. "Star Wars: Rock One" star Diego Luna and "Anne Man and the Worst" actor Michael Peena are drug traffickers Felix Gallardo and De Agent Enrique "Kiki" Kamerrana respectively.

Craver Digital is a platform-puzzle game called "Human: Fall Flat".

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