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NASA on Green Day on Mars

Green Day The bus case came from space case … in a way.

NASA's Insight Lander's Mars "Red Planet" was officially arrived on May 5 only. Chips made use of the green day chip from 1986. & # 39; officially launched on Mars & # 39; A picture of the chip is shown below.

"For the eighth time in human history we reached Mars," said NASA administrator Jim Bridenstein. CNN). "We will teach valuable insight about the study and the science and study of the interior of Mars, the moon and later to Mars, we were preparing to represent, the United States and the achievement of the ingenuity of our international partners to send astronomers, it's our home screen of a submission agreement Ireatsahippikkal NASA is yet to come, it will come soon. "

Insight (Insight Exploration, Sisomic Investigations, Geodice and Heat Transport) Lander will spend on Survival Data for two Years Garage. It will travel through the cosmos through 301,223,981 miles. On Tuesday a picture of Marshered Mars was sent back to NASA.

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