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NASA coordinator for Boeing's Starliner-NASSPUSLIGHT DOSS


Five months after NASA astronauts flew to the NASA spacecraft for SpiceJAX dragon and Boeing Starbull missions, NASA said that one of Astronauts was named Starlner Tatra Trai.

Eric Boey, a space shuttler for space shuttle, was notified for the CST-100 Starkern Expert.

Boy is one of the shuttle airplanes; In November 2008, STS 126 was the pilot of Endeavor on mission, and in February 2011, he served as the 39th and last mission pilot of Discovery.

He later developed their Starlinary, Drunk Transport Transport Injector, one of the four spacecraft with Boeing and Spice X. She also worked with co-stars Bob Bencone, Doug Harley and Sunitha Williams.

Boi was chosen for the 2018 August Boeing Starline Circuit Tour Flight Flight Flight.

On August 7, 2018, NASA said that Eric Boock could not fly because of the electric shock. Finch will assume commercial assistant in NASA's Johnson Space Center. "

Crash shake-ups and remissions happen – they are not usually "usual". Last year's NASA gained momentum when the giant Space Research Organization (JPEET EPS) was removed from a long-distance mission for the International Space Station.

The impact of this impact prompted questions that were removed from the mission; According to the law, NASA does not negotiate contracts or does not make revisions – never chooses to select some unauthorized and why others may be.

Officials are deemed unauthorized after the appointment. There are many reasons for personal medical problems, family medical issues, disciplinary actions, or personal reasons.

Recently most of the recyclers were personal medical problems. Timothy Copper removed Discovery from its final mission in 2011. The bicycle accident took place just last month before the shuttle. When his first child was pregnant, Karen Niberin was removed from the Atlantis ST-137.

Perhaps the most famous medical expert Apollo 13 was when Kenny Mattegate left without three days before he opened the German Meales – he never agreed.

In all three of these cases, Copra, Nieberg, went on to fly on subsequent missions. Copra 46, 47, escaped from the experection team. Nieberburg flew into 36 and 37 expansions. Apollo 16 went through STS-4 (Colombia) and STS-51C (Discovery).

Essar Bord is the first ever NASA and IAS team. The space traveler will be Edward Mike Finke.

NASA astronaut Mike Fincke (Credit: NASA)

Two long-distance flights into the International Space Station, three shuttle missiles are being deployed in the space shuttle as a mission specialist.

In 1996, NASA was chosen for the space station Capsule Communicator (CAPCOM) at the Fancy Johnson Space Center, which was selected for the space mission, and a team for exploration in Russia as a Test Support Team member.

In May 2002 he served as commander of the Naval Mission (NEASO 2). He gave him the status of a flight engineer on Expedition 9 for International Space Station.

Finch started on April 18, 2004, two personal expansion 9 mission – while station operations were controlled by just two men at the Columbia Shuttle.

During the exploration, Fiennial Space Station conducted four intervaws or ewa housework (XRCC).

Four years later, Finch 18 times launched the space commander of space. On this flight, Finke and his three IFS members, STS-126 / Endeavor and Eric Boe, welcomed the station. Areas for station at STS-119 / Discovery.

Finke's first space shuttle mission, STS. On completion of the international space station, on May 16, 2011, the end of the Finch Space Shuttle Endeavor's 25th and last trip was about what happened in the US construction phase.

Finke collected 381 days, 15 hours and 11 minutes. Fanke has a name for 48 hours 37 minutes.

FILK now joins Chris Ferguson – he was a shuttle legend – Nicole Aunne Mann in Starcinar Cruzeja.

By 2019 August 2019, schedules for NASA's Nos. Will not be displayed.

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