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Michael Schumacher & # 39; s Responding & # 39;

Today, 04:49
Matthew Scott

Michael Schumacher is the brainchild of his family and people who are moving forward from the brain because of their illness, "said George Gansenen, German archbishop. Formula 1 legend.

Schumacher was not publicly seen after the skiing disaster in 2013. Seven times in the world championship a coma remained.

From September 2014, he will be back in his home in Switzerland.

Ganswin, the personal secretary of Benedict XVI, visited Schumacher in 2016 and saw his former racer.

I told the booth: "I was against him, with his hands holding him up and looking at him, we remember his face, usually Michael Schumacher – a little bit full.

"Loving people love him, think for him, thank God, keep away the most striking public, and someone with the illness needs discrimination and discernment.

"Michael is the protection nurse is the family, and his wife is the soul of his family." Of course my prayers include Michael Schumacher and his family. "

The Schumacher won the 91 Grand Prix and seven World Cup tournaments of all time best F1 career. With Benentent, especially Ferrari, is well included.

She won the European Formula 3 Championship in 2018 and won her a Ph.D.

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