Tuesday , September 27 2022

Matt Hancock says Kovid vaccine will be released in March and promises ‘liberation day’


Matt Hancock said the release of the corona virus vaccine would loosen the tire system in England by March.

The health trial added that we could not wait until we returned to normal. He said at some point the government would be able to set a date for Liberation Day.

The availability of a vaccine – the first dose will be given on “V-Day” on Tuesday – means that current restrictions could be eased in the coming months.

More than half of British people do not trust the government to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new vote.

Hancock told the Sunday Telegraph: “I am a freedom-loving Conservative, and I cannot wait until we return to life with mutual respect and personal responsibility, not the rules set by Parliament.

“Sometimes, we can set a date on which we can get rid of these restrictions – you can only say this two weeks in advance.”

Vaccinations across the UK are expected to begin on Tuesday

“We can’t wait to eliminate this hierarchical system altogether,” he said, adding that steps could be taken by spring.

Asked if the regulations would end as soon as possible in the first three months of 2021, when the vaccine starts being given this week, he said: “Yes.”

Hancock, referring to Tuesday as “V-Day”, told the newspaper: “Taking the vaccine early will no doubt bring about the moment when we can escape these explosive restrictions, but until then we need to follow them.”

But he added that care home staff would face “significant challenges” in ensuring that they are vaccinated.

The problem is that it will be difficult for employees to get a job as the Pfizer / Biotech vaccine has to be stored at minus 70C.

The Pfizer vaccine should be stored at minus 70C

Public Health England has announced that 58 special twin guard ultra-low temperature freezers have been secured. It provides the required storage for approximately five million DOS Covid-19 vaccines.

Each of the non-portable refrigerators has 86,000 doses.

Hancock said the positive news about the vaccine would be brought forward the moment corona virus controls could be eased, but in the meantime urged people to follow current measures.

The first immunizations will begin on Tuesday, paving the way for the largest immunization program in the country’s history.

Dozens of hospital hubs of people aged 80 and over will be vaccinated, and care home workers and NHS workers most at risk of contracting Kovid-19 will receive the first job.

A sign at the Kovid-19 Vaccination Clinic at University Hospital in Coventry

Professor Stephen Pavis, National Medical Director of the NHS, said: “Despite the major complications, the first phase of the largest vaccination campaign in the history of our country will begin in hospitals from Tuesday.

The first phase of vaccine deliveries will be announced in hospitals by Monday.

The NHS has a strong track record of delivering large-scale vaccination programs from the flu job, the HPV vaccine, and the life-saving MMR jobs – hard-working officials will rise again to the challenge of protecting the most vulnerable people from the disease.

Hancock urged people to continue to comply with current regulations

At the same time, a survey suggests that the majority of the British public does not trust the government to deal with the corona virus pandemic.

Research has found that 57% of people say they do not trust the UK government to control the spread of Covid-19 – a number of studies show that for the first time since April, distrust has become the majority view in the country.

The findings are based on research by King’s College London and IpsosMori, which involved 2,244 interviews with UK residents aged 16-75 online between November 20 and 24.

A government spokesman said it was working day and night to fight the corona virus and was taking the right steps at the right time to present a strategy to protect our NHS and save lives and livelihoods.

In the UK, 397 people died within 28 days of the Kovid-19 positive test. 15,539 more cases.

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