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London & # 39; No adverse weather & # 39; UK's UK governor in Heathrow makes predictions News

In some parts of South East England, following the climate change, British Airways canceled their short service.

The airlines also said that passengers are suffering from severe drought. The journey from Heathrow Airport is the only option for travelers to travel.

"Due to adverse weather forecasts, we have been forced to cancel several short flights and merge them to ensure remaining restrictions on our shed.

"Security is always our priority, we work hard to get our work done.We're sorry to have delayed some of your services and climate change.

"Our flights from Gatwick and London City Airports have been designed to work normally.

"We check for advice on the latest information about their flights."

Customers can book a flight up to February 7 to avoid the interrupted journey.

The British Airways wrote on its website: "Our hope is that on February 1, we will have to face adverse weather in parts of South East England.

Flexible rebeking options are available to all customers who travel short-time flights from London Heathrow to short term flights.

"If a flight service does not take place on February 1, Friday without looking at whether your flight is running, February.

"We regret the possibility of your travel plans, and we're able to limit the effectiveness of bad weather to our flights."

The latest weather charles predicts frosts across the UK, especially the South East.

Depending on climate change, snow will start next week.

The Met Office observed: "In the south and southwest of England, in the Middleland and Wales there is a snowfall going north and east.

The wintafa weather will continue in North and East.

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