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Jorgan Cloppe says that once the calm starts, it will be 100 percent behind Mohammed Salah

Jorgan Cloppe believes that if Mohammed Shala's previous goalkeeper goal last season was changed to goalkeeper, he does not mean to be an amateur.

The Ruds authorities believe Egypt will win in the finals of Fifting Football, scoring 44 goals in the last February.

In the Champions League final, he played a scarf that he had missed a few weeks before the World Cup. Before he resumed the Premier League, he had wasted no time.

Clapappu said, it was time to rename the body of Shala but now it is in front of fitness.

"Everything is good, Moe Shalas is a man, everything is well and the body is back, 100 percent is dependent on his material stuff," he said.

The World Cup was 94 or 95 per cent due to skipper. There were then two or three weeks. That's actually nothing.

Liverpool's Mohammed Salah Melwoud was inaugurated at the Liverpool and Liverpool FC in front of the UEFA Champions League Group C competition. (David Ravliffe / Propaganda)

"You do not have to rest after the first three weeks of a football player's leave.

"The pre-season began again and it took the first time in his life that he scored 40 goals [the question was] & # 39; How we handle it?

"Obviously [the media] That was a bit difficult. Will he score 40 goals again? How can 100% win as a human being, can you win 40 goals again?

"Is 40 goals scored again? Of course not.

"The only thing he needed was his body's time, but still a world-class player is still threatening in a match, but in the scoring conditions the same calmness is not cold.

"It was quite clear in every session before each international intermission and it clicked again.

"When you become suspicious, it will affect you, but I was not in doubt because I felt suspicious for a moment and nobody doubted it."

October 3, 2012: Mohammed Salah UEFA of Liverpool is in the Champions League group C competition. In Stanford San Polo at Nilpoh and Liverpool FC. (David Ravliffe / Propaganda)

In this season, nine players have won 18 goals. He scored 14 goals 12 months ago. He scored eight goals in eight matches.

Cliff says he's working in terms of physical controls, and that's not a bad return. The best time to win a Champions League match against Paris St Germain in the French Championship.

Liverpool qualified for the knockout stage and did not beat Red Star Belgrade Knolpol. The possibilities of the PCI will be lost, and if Napoli succeeds, they will end.

"Paris is a real package, immune and blame, playing football against you or you will not survive pressure," Clip added.

"They make constant pressure with the ball, so if you have the ball you need to control the game, for which you need big balls.

"We did well in the home game, and we had dualistic stages, which is what we need to do again.

"They are really good, if we do not have the highest, our maximum, we have no chance."

Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, and Liverpool's manager, Jourgeon Clopf Melwald, was inaugurated by the UEFA Champions League Group C competition. (David Ravliffe / Propaganda)

Liverpool has lost in the last three Tests – not including the May finals against Real Madrid – that the club is not anxious.

"We have to make sure we play well, it's not far from home, I'm not different," he said.

"It's easy to enjoy the benefits of a home game, but if we go away, the atmosphere will kill our performance.

"Napoli and Belgrade were special, but it was not that special, but that's true."

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