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ITV canceled following controversial Ross and Fred West Documentary

The documentary sold at Ross and Fred West before ITV was changed to the ITV.

Real Story, a joint venture with Trevor MacDonald, was viewed at 9 o'clock in the evening.

But a few hours before broadcasting on TVV, Trevor McDowell's advertising campaign for the Death Row was advertised.

TVChoose is now known as TV.

We'll let you know when Trevor McDonald's real story, we know the date of the new transmission! "They said on Twitter:" Fred & Rose West

What did we know about the documentary

Ross and Fred West will be launching a new documentary this week, said Zee Tramer McDonald's Howers to investigate Horace's murder.

Fred murdered his mother & # 39; s active member & # 39; The ITV program conducted by the youngest son Barry has been shocking.

This included the first television interview with sisters in 1875's Jentota Motors in 1975.

He was born in North Born in North North, in November 1953 in Robert North. Love fell in love with a 16 year old childhood.

Staffan's brother Mae West

In the early 1970s, couples joined Gloucester and began to commit more than a decade of sexual assault and murder.

In 1995, Fred West himself personally shot himself at HMP Birmingham, killing 12 girls and women. Gloucestershire reports live.

After killing 10 of his victims, his wife, White Ross, was locked in Low Newton Prison in Counter Durham.

From 1967 to 1987, nine of the terrorists were buried on the Cromwell Street in Gloucestershire.

On this day, West still refuses his role in the murders, but this new documentary refers to the same violence as her husband.

When her son was seven years old, her mother, who had assaulted her ath Rhea, informed her of 12 couples.

Here's what we know about the documentary

Survey search

Sir Trevor McDonald's new powerful ITV documentary presents new evidence on the state of Rossi's atrocities. Claiming to be more vulnerable to attacks than the husband.

When Fred's murders confessed, the 65-year-old Rose refused.

Sir Trevor (79) demonstrates that Ross is "not a spectator" and "deeply involved" in crimes.

"The wife's influence in any normal situation is that Fred is going to manage the awesome trends, but we know she's still alive," the Daily Star said.

"When they brutally beat them to take them away, she was convinced that she would get girls in cars."

Rose, Fred West was an ordinary middle aged man.
Rose and Fred West were usually middle aged.


Westser's younger son Sir Trevor MacDonald heard that Ross was attacking his murdered sister, Heather.

In 1992, he was carefully protected by many other brothers because he was accused of sexually abusing Westerns.

He says when he is seven years old when he is thrown on the head of his head, "sprinkled".

Daily Star says, "She does not move again."


In 1975, the documentary would also include the first television interview with 18-year-old Jentota Motors sisters.

The daughter, daughter of an American soldier, grew up very early, and she left school and her home when she was 15 years old.

When they were 18 years old, they accepted a lifted lip. In 1994 she found her remains at 25 Cromwell Street.

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Traffic disasters like the dew hit Devon


Former judge Jayay Hamar said he was fortunate to be alive after hearing the cell tracker case.

Nani Carol Owens, who was kidnapped and abducted after being tortured, died.

Social worker

John Fitzgerald, a senior social worker who focused on how to retire, says the researchers.


Sasha Was QC, who helped save Roy in court, will be given the first media interview.

Who is Fred Ross West?

Rose has become a 13-year-old sexual abuser. A 17 year old murder, a teenage serial killing.

According to researcher Jane Carter Wurrow, murder was a repeated sexual assault, Fred actually followed Rosie's leadership.

Ross, now 65 years old, has now killed ten women, including her daughter Heather (16) and her daughter, Charmine (eight).

Her husband, Anna, was shot dead in a jail cell in 1995 by her husband, Rana.

In his book Rose West, The Moning of a Monastery, Jane explains: "Our worst tigers stuff continues today – depth and depth of human corruption.

"Friendly, a friendly couple showed a couple, but Ross and Fred West.

"Based on men's dominant partnership in serial-murder relationships, Roses believed that the murderous husband of Rossopu would be even worse, under most pressure, but nothing happened.

"She was a primary player because she had handled Fred's undesirable wife and a rogue for trial."

In 1953, Rosie's mental illness Dyes suffered a serious breakdown. Ross was pregnant with electric shock surgery.

She writes: "Daisy has given a course of electrolysis therapy, which increases the power of the brain and then raises or opens the patient.

"She continued to alasippiccenkilum Psychiatry pregnancy. Rosie and her mother's womb and be astonished, and rose to her brain is more, the last thing reasappuvinre teattumumpayirunnu death. There is little research about the use of garbhinikalkkeappam isiti. Expert Opinion is divided. However, the fetus The patient seems to be lost on esiti bhedamakillenn disease.

"When the whole house came back, how happy was the new baby, but noticed her strange character, she bent her head for hours and headed for a bed at night.

"As she grows older, she continues to raise her head in the long run, create a trans-like condition, sometimes seeing her eyes and lost her home.

"The study difficulties indicate the behavioral patterns of the Rose Show, which may have been linked to ECT treatment, but nobody is sure, but Rosa and her brothers had two mentally retarded parents, their behavior, their childhood and development."

Rossi's father, Bill Lettus, was an indirect mindset who became brutal and prostitute who was suppressed and tortured by his family. He started sexually artificially. Ross, however, because they managed to escape his guns. Two young men who were sexually harassed at age 13 at the age of 13.

Jeyninre the book says: "Roses valarnnupeakumayirunnu believed to be her father is normal behavior, but to share a secret understanding with parisilippikkappetukayayirunnu the bill to protect the child. She tried, she became bored with more of the powers of the brothers Bill and sexual exploration of the thigh, Ni.

"This is not the nature of a 13-year-old girl who was a very sexy girl.

"Two years later, when Fred West met at a bus stop in Cheltenham, Ros was surprised by the sudden moment and they believed that they were mutually up to each other.

"Her dirty and cruel childhood experiences, when she became acquainted with" 12 years old, "was not in the habit of hating her character or being okay.

"Rosa and Fred both shared with backgrounds, explaining why they thought about it." Fred sex was not very good.

"He wanted to observe his young girlfriend with other men and introduce them to the rose, who began to develop sexual games, and later changed their way of action to their victims, but Rossa (15), along with his lover, joined his two girlfriends, Charimin, Six and Anne Mary Housewife with five daughters Distorted.

"Fred was insulting the elderly of the girls, and both became upset and Ross was troubled, and she was stuck with the girls and tied on their beds where she would not allow them to talk or make noise.

When she heard that she was asleep at night, she beat her with pure gold on her legs. If the neighbors did not call them, they began to weep and laughed with the tapes of a tape. "

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