Sunday , January 24 2021

Huawei Terus smartphone to be a major feature of Samsung Galaxy S10

Huawei will not end with 2018, but a Chinese invitation has been sent.

There is not much to go on, "go a step further, see the future", and the date of all the "Dec 2018" promised. Or is it?

One night the words are set against the sky, but there is a special feature in the upper right – a black hole.

It has been indicated that the front of the device includes the PIN retractive camera, the display wrap spacer can be viewed more than just displaying it on a display in cutting it off the screen.

Add a pin to it

Two days ago, Huawei launched a Chinese micro-blogging site, "Weibo & # 39; Posted a poster in the post. We have shown a camera of an outline of the same graph in the corner, more specifically about the possibility of the Pure Hall Camera design.

See it in a December with a "point"! (Translate from Chinese).

Is a zoom hole camera? See the entire image

Is a zoom hole camera? See the entire image

If it feels right, Hawaii will move Samsung to punch it. After the introduction of Infinity-OD display in Galaxy S10, its recent developer conference, a similar design was adopted by trying to avoid a look.

The phone will not call what he calls if it is called, some speculations we've seen online can add a new add-on to the company's mid-raster novel line.

There is little surprise when the screen tech thinks it's packing. But to get to know, we'll have to wait for December.

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