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High street beds provide the fatal allergies and false information society

Five large high-street restaurants and coffee shop chains have provided fake or misleading information to all potentially dangerous allergens.

One of the host sites visited Uncategorized journalists for the BBC. They have given false advice in Pizza Hut, Nando, Frankie, Benny, Coffee Shops, Starbucks and Costa.

The investigation was conducted based on a recent inquiry into the deaths of Natasha Ednan-Lapazhausi. There was anaphylaxis failure after eating a sandwich from the print monster.

The latest revelations published in the BBC's Watchdog Live program edited criticism from Ras Al Shaikh. Their sister Shahidah died after a chicken burger died in 2015. Allergies.

"The death of the Shahida can be completely prevented … If the honeysheet correctly labeled, the shaheeda still remains here, so how effective is proper lamination to be correct," he said.

The secret reporters visited five of the six shorts chains. On every occasion PC Express gave clear and accurate allergies.

Frankie & Bennys

In a branch, a journalist mistakenly said that celery does not contain a dish. For the other, a drug to a restaurant has been requested to acknowledge the terms and conditions that a glutton is indispensable and that an allergy is not given any redemption. The BBC reporter of the staff member told us that we were talking about "escaped from our back".

Its parent company says there is deep interest in the BBC's report. "We fully understand the need for detailed food information and take our duties seriously about allergens."

Costa Coffee

In a branch, the BBC reporter wrongly says that a clean milk is not present in milk – even though he is a staff member of a allergen book consultant.

On this occasion, the team member failed to maintain proper procedures and provided false information. This is unacceptable. We have provided guidance and best practices in every store. "

Pizza Hut

Allergic book reporters and an employee were not familiar with whether or not they had mushrooms in the two resources. Each component is listed as online.

A pizza hut restaurant spokesman said: "The information in the book is correct in this particular case, but we've taken the board feedback and added all our nutritional information to our mail cards this week."


Before reportering a reporter, there is no mustard, no mustard.

Managers have directly interacted with regular allergen consumers. "In this context, we could not fully follow this process, but we're sorry, as a priority, we have reminded all our employees, their importance and their significance."


In a nursery, a lemon cup cake containing almonds has not been recovered from a nursery. It was announced in advance that the nuts are likely to be polluted.

Starbucks said safety was a priority. "In this case, we are less committed, do not meet our high standards, we have addressed this question to our team in a questionable story and have been linked to all of our UK stores to strengthen our standards and expectations."

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