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Game of Thrones & # 39; Jaison Momova & # 39; Fled to the house & # 39;

Thousand Stars Jason Mamova's game revealed that he does not have enough to go home after playing Khal Drugo in the HBO show.

The shooting of the game of the game of Thrones in Ireland, however, is about 39 years old and Narendran has introduced a twoked pic post in Instagram.

Jason appears only in the first season.

Stuck in Ireland was no worse than he was. Along with his best friend Brian Andrew Mendoza, the construction company Pride of Gypsies also worked – they bought a van and Guinness. "

Emilia Clarke is a Calderoge Dinaris with Jason Mamova

In the first season, when the game was played by Dannary Targarine's husband, Taapal Instagram revealed that he was "inside the house."

Smoked in the atmosphere of the atmosphere Aquamman robbed the photographer surrounding the actor.

Jason wrote in his note: "Looking at my phone did not find it.

"My best friend was a short moment of Katharina GOT We had a visual break.

"We rented a panel van in Belfast, and we ran out of the house, surrounded by wonderful Ireland looking for the best ball in the Guinness Book."

Emilia Clarke is considered to be Drug Dinaris and Jason Mimoa

The actor continues: "Everywhere has become perfect.

"In those days, I show so many amazing stories and stories.

"I still lose my family, I've been through a long road and I've got to go home, and I think it's brian for more happiness."

Lisa Bonnet on Jason Movimo and Oscar

As the development of Jameson in the eight season, the game of Thrones was a constant interpretation of the character. He admitted that Danny was moving to the darkest side of his way.

Davourick was a doctor named Khalisi, a dancer. Last snap was shot by Jon Snow.

Jason became Aquamine

Just as the lover has passed in the limelight of his girlfriend, Jason Danisz's actress Emilia Clarke said in a post: "The episode was killing me."

He then worked with two Harim-i-Amogis: "I love you mad."

He joined the Jason Superheroes University in the game of Thrones. Aquamman's image of the same name in 2018 received a lot of praise.

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