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Ferrari needs a number of "Race Guys" – number of race fans

Sebastian Vettel hopes to add more Ferrari's SF90 phones to the car.

Though the team believes the unusual front-wing concept is inconsequential, the idea behind the team is that Madius Benito said.

Cartwright's main notion is that the result of this year's best performances is to create more traffic problems, when the Monaco Grand Prix reached second place.

"Cars [been] In the last few races we had a performance, where the performance had existed and we were very strong.

"I saw that the valetary was going to be faster, but we did not have any of the ways we could face. The speed of our line is very good, and we're going down a bit, because we know a weakness.

"I do not think cars are as bad as the car itself, but the results should be fine here, but it's very hard to get a car in a happy window, and that's when we reach there, we're more competitive, but it's still a way to get out of the way we're looking for: the car, short term Bye We kendrikarikkentatunt laterally trying to focus. "

In the Monaco Drivers' Championship, Petal came third. Lee Hamilton's lead is 55 points. He said he would come with a car with the Ferrari car.

"We are waiting for the next three, four, and five races, we are improving the car and put in more cars, so we can go faster but I'm not sure where he's now, if you find him or you get that number, We've been for some time Sikkukayan.

"I do not think we can make any secrets, just as usual, is the only way to get our attention and hard work."

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