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European Union elections: Victims of tolerers and workers as winners of the victorious party

Conservatives and workers faced a breakdown from the EU voters in the EU, until Brettt's victory.

It also proved a night of rehabilitation of liberal Democrats.

Five years ago she was even more so, now they celebrate their best in European elections.

Sky's political correspondent Louis Goodell has come to us in the UK.

European Union election results

About three years after the referendum in the European Union, the results from a poll that resulted in a delay in exit polling in Britain indicate that the country is deeply distinct in this regard.

Six weeks ago the party of the Nigel Fareg was formed. Of the 11 territories in the UK, 10 were 28 and 30 per cent of the vote. Only in Scotland and northern Ireland to be declared so far.

Libre Dimsec, who won 15 seats, is in second place in England and Wales.

When the Labor Party won 10 (from 20 in 2014), Green won eight (2014 in three seats) and Conservatives lost three (last time 19 times).

Five years ago, the UPA had lost 23 seats in the elections led by Mr. Faraj. Their vote fell by more than 25 percent.

Voters split in front of an alternate alternative to Mr Farage and the European Union Pro-Liberal Dem.

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In 2014, it was 1.8 per cent and 36.7 per cent.

In the destructive night of Tory, the party finished fifth and continues to be part of the worst national elections.

There is a possibility of sharp criticism of internal issues over the party's future proposal and dealings with Brex.

The Labor Party is currently discussing the party's bad performance and second referendum policy.

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On the other hand, a very happy Mr. Farage sent a "great message" to the West Minister.

The elections took place six weeks before the introduction of a new party in British politics, in a national election.

"Of course obviously: We voted to leave a poll, we had to do so on March 29.

"There's a big message here, great message – Labor Conservative parties can learn a lot from here tonight – I do not think they really intend."

The newly-elected MP for the South East urged the new parties: "If we do not withdraw on October 31, today, the Brettcks will see the scores we've seen in the General Election, and we are ready for it."

Uncompromising messages of the party on breastfeeding – Britain should be prepared to deal with a transaction rather than agree with a bad one – has gained public opinion.

However, the remaining Liberal Democrats secured a 15-member compilation and 20 percent of the vote.

Sir Wilkins Cable, a disassociated leader, said that "clear, honest and unambiguous message" was behind its success.

Anita Whitcomb, member of the newly elected Breitette Party, said.

Only the Bracket Party will distribute braciite

"We have shown you the strongest strength in British politics," he declared.

"We'll always be back to people who trust in us, and campaign this campaign even before the breaking of the breasts."

It was a strong performance from the Greens, which had recently demonstrated their best in local elections.

At present there are seven MPs and 12.5% ​​of the votes are in the fourth place.

In the European Parliament elections, Warne Cable arrives at a polling station for voting
Liver Democratic Party leader Sir Vince Cable gives a clear message to their success

Despite the expected outcome of this result, the Bretttart can not dominate this election.

The party's vote was less than 10 per cent.

Theresa promised to go for a new prime minister in the summer of May, and the next Brettte would be in the hands of his successor.

A contract is an important mistake-line and whether or not a deal is not a potentially viable option for Brexit.

Theresa will resign

& # 39; I will not be the last woman Prime Minister & # 39;

The success of the Brettt party is not supported by a deal like late Boris Johnson, Andrea LeedsSom and Dominic Rab, to end at least one end of October.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbin said that Torries were "disassembled and unable to become a ruler."

Westminster is still unhappy, "this will have to go back to the public through general elections or general elections."

However, the party was a difficult night.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

The deficit of the Labor vote was more than 10%. Compared to the 2014 European Union Elections, there are 18 MPs.

Unless we can win in London and complete the third in Valleys, an unknown incident will result in unexpectedly many of the specified sounding effects.

The official policy of the Labor government is to initiate the campaign for a second referendum. Another general election did not come into the first phase.

But former billionaire Emily Thornberry said, "Not really obvious" should be "a lesson to be learned tonight".

Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin after the European Parliament voted in the election
Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin after the European Parliament voted in the election

Seb Dance of the re-elected MEPE said: "We are indebted to our paintings and our culture, what is brotite, it's the harm that our countries do, and it's a chance for the people to stop."

He said the party's stand will be changed. "In the coming days we will have a dialogue with the party and the movement," Corbin said, referring to the results on both sides of the breting division.

The UK could not make any changes to the change of the UDF. Without a single logged-in register, a 3.4 per cent vote is available.

UKIP leader Gerard Baton
The United States lost its Gerard Baton seat

UKIP leader Gerard Button lost his seat in London, leading to questions about his future career.

Brettz's party has emerged victorious but results suggest that breakefoot countries are split.

If you add all the parties' votes (Liberal Democrats, Change UK, Greenes, Plain Signum), you get 38%.

Non-contract support parties (Bretton Party, UKIP) constitute 37%.

Coincidentally, if you put it in the Label Remin column, it's up to 53%, 46% of the defeat and if you include TORRIE VOTE SHARE.

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