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End the diagnosis of the frizzas-dried polio vaccine

Two polio vaccines have been synthesized sixty years ago. This gigantic disease has changed since killing millions of people. But the gap between the virus is completely halted and completely discontinued. As long as the smaller remnants of such an infectious disease survive, it is possible to weaken.

The anti-Western anti-vaccination movement and the Islamic fundamentalists opposing modern medicine have limitations, but there are also technical challenges. Vaccines require refrigeration, which is not easy to come without electricity networks. A stable vaccine detector can be changed in a game at room temperature.

"Stability is not rocket chassis, so academic areas do not give much attention to this sector," Wu Jin Shin of the University of Southern California said in a statement. "However, despite the amazingness of the drug or the immunity, if it is not as consistent as possible, it does not improve anybody."

Sheen is the first journalist in mBio paper who announces consistent polio vaccine. This is effective after being stored within four weeks of energy temperatures. The idea is nothing new. Free-drying measles, typhoid and menicocoll vaccines are allotted at distant locations and are used to infect these infections.

However, early attempts to freeze and revive polio vaccines have effectiveness. The methods used in other things did not work. One way to find a way that Shin and Latin techniques has been created has allowed it to make elements faster.

Last year, 22 polio cases were reported worldwide. Existing vaccines and portable solar power units are expected to cease work – the operation of the plant is widespread.

However, in this case, the application to freeze other strategic vaccines or medicines may apply. Shin's supervisor, Jai Jug, used his student days as his friend Bying S. This job started with Chang. Because an intelligent Bio company that works now is stable.

"We want to donate human and health directly to him and he is our age." Start with the creative ideas always start eating and drinking. "

Shin worked on the virus injected, which is distributed in the injection and progressed towards polio. Vaccines are often used with a vulnerable virus that is more easily controlled, which is almost repeated. However, the lost virus causes one million doses in three cases, causing some countries to return to reality.

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