Thursday , August 11 2022

Dutch TV personality Emilie Ralee Band


In the 69 years of televised television, the court of the Netherlands has been approached to celebrate a new birthday.

Ratbeen is taken into account by the self-designed Positively Vivid Guru Em.

In order to acknowledge his demands for a new birthday, he has appealed to a court in Holland, 69 years of television identity.

The ratite band says his legal appeal applies in accordance with individual changes in other forms in the Netherlands, recognition and government recognition.

"For this free[dom] Choice, name selected, gender, I want my age. I want to control myself, "he said Thursday.

He wants to avoid adult discrimination in society – especially for dating websites.

"For example, when I ask for a mortgage, it's impossible," he said in an Associated Press. "If I go to Tinder, there are women in 68 and 69 there."

How is he living in the economy of his age?

"I do not want to lie," he said. "I want to be myself, so do not try to get me to lie."

According to Marjolin van den Brink, who has human rights and gender issues at the Law School of Eureka University, discrimination is a problem, but it is different from rethinking the gender.

"It is clear that older people have a very small chance of getting a job than young people," she said. "But that's just one factor, and it's just a matter of what happens to you, 40, 45 and 50 years on your job.

"Gender is from your birthday to the grave, but it's almost everything-not just in the labor market, but everywhere," she said.

Even in rare situations, the race becomes more liquid.

In Britain, the theater director Anthony Ecuio attracts the Lenon waterfall, even though he is the son of white Irish parents, he is a mixed race man. He also wrote to journalists that he is black.

He was a juvenile teenager who committed racist abuse. When he started an acting career, he was not easy to follow. He took an African middle name.

A complaint has been filed against black people. Because Lenin was recently given a program designed to provide Canadian career artworks.

After growing parents who took four black children, a white cheek named Rachel Dolceal put on black clothes. Her nude pictures were found in 2015 and worked for the National NASA.

The rate belt said that if the age limit is determined by the Dutch, He said he was pleased to lose 1200 pounds (1,370 dollars) monthly pension. In his 20 years, he makes a profit of 300,000 euros ($ 343,000), which he plans to change away from his age.

The middle city of Arnahe town will issue a verdict within four weeks.

Ratlband, who lives up to promoting people and businesses, denies adulthood for adverts. He claims he seeks a personal good effect.

"Now I am an old man, I can save my money to give them to my children, so they can live," the seven said. "If I have that age again, I hope again and again, I am new again.

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