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Dropped Powdered Drop Down Health Problems – Do You Worry?


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A child's pain in the glass of Glasgow caused a stomach upturn.

The baby is sick at Elizabeth University Hospital and is called CryptoCocus.

The child is not named. The monkey does not die in the second December of the same sick patient.

What's this?

Cryptococus is a fungus like a yeast that lives in an environment.

It can be seen in the polluted soil through the eruption of eruption.

How do you catch it?

People may get sick if it is breathing.

The child who died in a Glasgow hospital in December had a fungus.

Experts say that a room in the hospital's roof can be found. Scott Health Secretary Jean Freeman confirmed & # 39; & # 39; s & # 39; s invisible to the naked eye. The wall of Pagone appeared through a short break.

Hospital authorities have imposed restrictions on infection. No more cases have been reported.

How is it dangerous?

Most people do not get ill, but patients with weak immune system can be very bad at heartburn or meningitis patients.

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Professor Hugh Pennington says that cases in the UK are unusual.

"It is common in other parts of the world, particularly in tropics and in the United States, where there are more problems with such anomalies, but in Britain too unusual.

"There are cases in people who have problems with their immune system.

Personality can not be personally propagated by a cryptocosis infection.

How dangerous is Puñon flower?

Breathing or water discharges containing contaminated bird waste may lead to many diseases, including psittacosis.

Salmonella – A bacterial infection of diarrhea – may be present in some birds' feet.

If you are cleaning or getting in contact with the wiping, you should take care. Wash, wash, wash with your hands, wash your hands.

Similarly if you feed or treat birds, wash your hands.

If you have a compromised immune system including HIV / AIDS or cancer, you should not clean the droppings.

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