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Brexit: As the UK prepares to resume trade talks, the EU is on the dice last throw | Political news


The British and EU negotiations will return to the table of discussion on the “last dice of the dice” as they try to secure a post-Brexit trade deal.

Time has passed before then Brexit The transition period will end at the end of the month, and Lord Frost, Britain’s main contractor, will resume talks with EU counter – Michael Barnier in Brussels to resolve “significant differences”.

But British sources have warned that the process could end without a deal.

“This is Dice’s last shot,” said a source close to the discussion.

“There is a fair agreement that works for both sides, but this will only happen if the EU is willing to respect the basic principles of sovereignty and control.”

Ursula von der Lane read the joint statement
After an hour-long phone call with Mr. Johnson, Miss von Der Lane read a joint statement

Today’s the meeting between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von Der Lane following an hour – long call on Saturday.

In a joint statement following the discussion, Johnson and Miss von Der Layne said, “Although progress has been made in many areas … significant differences remain in three crucial areas: level playing field, governance and fisheries.”

Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Lane spoke on an hour-long phone call Saturday
Mr. Johnson and Miss von der Lane spoke on an hour-long phone call Saturday

The level playing field refers to state subsidies and standards: The European Union fears that Britain will become a less competitive economic rival, cutting standards and providing large-scale subsidies to industries.

In a statement, Johnson and Miss von Der Layne said: “Both sides have underlined that no agreement is practical unless these issues are resolved.

“While recognizing the seriousness of these differences, we agreed that our discussion teams should make more efforts to assess whether they can be resolved.

“Therefore, we propose to reconvene tomorrow in Brussels for further discussions.

“We’ll talk again on Monday evening.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with EU Commission President Ursula von Der Lane on January 8, 2020 at 10 Downing Street in London, England.
Mr. Johnson and Miss von der Lane released a joint statement Saturday

Negotiations on a trade deal between the UK and the European Union quickly turned into an agreement.

It comes after a week of intense discussions in London, fueling midnight sessions by distributing sandwiches and pizza.

Britain wants to regain control of Brussels and formulate its own economic policies.

The fishing industry is another obstacle – a small part of the European economy, but it is very important for countries like France.

The European Union wants to continue fishing in British waters, but the UK wants to restrict access and quota.

It is not clear from the joint statement of Mr. Johnson and Miss von Der Lane whether one of the two leaders – or both – was ready to land during the call.

The UK has accused the European Union of trying to introduce “new elements” into the talks at 11am.

The British side was outraged when Brussels demanded that EU fishermen continue to enjoy access to UK waters for 10 years.

Under pressure from French President Emmanuel Macron, Barnier was concerned that he was putting pressure on the heads of a number of countries.

Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin has welcomed the news that talks will resume in Brussels on Sunday.

“The agreement is in everyone’s interest,” he tweeted. “Every effort should be made to reach an agreement.”

Analysis: A deal remains a favorite – but not sure

Adam Parsons, Sky News Europe correspondent

On the face of it, this is the equivalent of putting a cup of gasoline in an empty fuel tank. The car may travel a mile or two, but it will not take you home.

Brexit discussions have been stuck for months about familiar themes of fishing, governance and competition laws known as the level playing field.

Every day, contractors wrestle with how to find a contract and constantly fail. How can a few more days help?

If it had come down to the pressure of time, it would have worked now.

What is needed now is new proposals from above – in the case of the European Union, which means that the main contractor, Michael Barnier, can be further exploited.

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Sky News Correspondents Discuss Brexit Impass

Some countries – including France, the Netherlands and Belgium – have already complained that he thinks he is giving too much to the UK. Would they really be happy to allow him to make more concessions?

Boris Johnson and Lord Frost (UK’s chief Brexit contractor) face the same challenge – how can a deal that seems to be successful enough to satisfy the Brexiters, but that the EU is right.

It takes compromise and speed. Proper diplomatic high-wire stuff, I’m talking about in senior sources, there is no consensus on what will happen.

Most people are still hoping for a deal, but perhaps negotiations often work like this – crisis, anger, broken deadlines, and then last minute deals. They insist that dancing is part of the process.

But there has never been a deal like this.

The European Union’s most hated domestic market bill hit the House of Commons again on Monday.

The European Council meets on Thursday. The French have already said they are ready to veto the Brexit deal if they hate it.

The truth is that no one now knows what is going to happen. A deal remains a favorite, and perhaps no deal is seen as financially damaging. But this is not certain.

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