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Brettont: The Ministry of Security warns that Ben Wallace will not give the deal

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The Venezuelan Ministry of Defense warns that a contract brokered deal will break UK-European security ties and protect the public from "a real influence".

He gave a speech to law-enforcement officials, who said, "Effective Security is a close association of heart attacks."

Teresa Maiya's contract and MP's vote next month will be the basis for the most comprehensive security relationship in European Union history.

Labor Party Diana Abbott said, "security has failed to ensure security."

The decision of the Shadow Domestic Secretary is an amendment to parliament. "Prevent Fraud From The UK From The UK".

Although Britain will leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, Mrs. Maiyay's agreement is expected to work between the UK and the European Union.

The EU Treaty on Agreement conducts a non-binding announcement on the future relationship between the European Union and the UK and the program to cooperate with security after the conversion expires in this document.

On December 11, MPs will vote on the deal. If they reject it – if no other solution is found – Britain can go without a contract. The current setup on security cooperation should be stopped, and it will not be changed on March 29.

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Wallace was speaking at the International Security Expo in London. He said the withdrawal of a deal for security cooperation will not be withdrawn.

Leedsam Letter

He has learned the value of having worked with European partners for the past few decades.

"We and Europe understand that, from a bitter experience, often there is a mistake, at any time we lose our time, time and time, because of the failure of collaboration.

"The situation for a transaction will have a real effect on our ability to protect public's with the European partners."

In other developments:

  • The UK and the US have given permission to accept an "open-scope" deal for the Breck Leet Broadcast flights.
  • Lt. Gen. Anthroz Leadsso wrote a letter to one of the parties and supported the Prime Minister's plan to support the Bretton Deal.
  • UK pharmaceutical companies have said that UK UK will be prepared to make a mistake in making ports to ensure that patients are diagnosed as being ill patients from European universities without UK


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Wallace was speaking at a security conference in London

BBC Home Affairs Correspondent Dominic Kazaniy

All current security features are hoped to remain in the UK – the high level of cooperation that the EU wants to maintain due to its automatic interest. But there are problems.

Critics have expressed concern over the government's hopes that the final relationship with the European Union will be abolished in 2021. It's in the long run.

After conversion of criminal records, requested alerts, DNA and fingerprint records, it is not so obvious that UK access to UT-organized databases.

When accessing data after the transition has ended – without a secure agreement.

If that agreement is signed, it will be shortened. Some countries, such as Germany, have constitutional frameworks on how to cooperate with the security of non-European countries.

Wallace says in his speech that Mrs. Masei will sign the agreement on the broadest security relationship between the European Union and other countries.

This partnership will enable the transfer of information about criminals and face terrorism, travel from UK and the UK, deliver DNA, finger prints, and deliver information to fast track extraditions.

Abbott said the government planned.

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Diana Abbott said the plan was "unacceptable".

They said: "The new agreement can not be signed and the border handover processes, especially the transfers, are essential."

They added that "there was no plans for a secure partnership, no plans for appropriate safeguards like Europe," and "unacceptable".

Labor amendment

Increasing the voter turnout in the Prime Minister's contract, the details of the time frame worked out in parliament.

The Common Welfare Committee will discuss 4 days, 5, 6, 10 and 11 within eight days of each day.

But parliament will be approving to adopt six amendments to the breakaway movement. This is suggested by Speaker John Berco.

Labor made an amendment demanding the opportunity to vote for all the votes, reject Teresa Mayay's brook deal and block a transaction.

Instead of improving relations with the European Union over the past two years, the party's leader, Jeremy Corbin, is a frustrated failure of a government-run negotiations.

Conservative chairman Brandon Lewis described the amendment as "shameful and irresponsible." "Everybody interested in them is trying to force a general election."

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