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BioWare Teases N7 Days & # 39; Next Great Mass Effect Game & # 39;


Beyword sent a message to fans who announced their decision to work recently Mass Effect The game was not dead as the franchisee confirmed, as some critics believe. The company recently released a video message to fans in honor of the 7th day.

the first Mass Effect The 2007 game gamers have surpassed the players from the galaxy and led them into an adventure that allowed them to control how the stories were played through the conversation's choice and gameplay. The title was very popular, followed by two games and the original picture was completed Mass Effect Trilogy. Lightning may strike again, the fourth headline of the bovivars released, Mass Effect: Andromeda, It introduced characters and characters to the characters. However, many feelings Andromeda The franchise was a huge failure. Games were full of hazards and problems, did not think quickly in this story and did not think well. After a desperate release Andromeda, Many fans believed that Mass Effect was officially over the franchise.

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A new video message BiowareHowever, there are more hints Mass Effect Future titles of the company. Video that celebrates the Day of N7, generates from fans and BioWare employees, a comment about creating "Next big Mass Effect The game. " Watch the video below.

The unofficial holiday is seven days Mass Effect Fans come together to celebrate their appreciation for the franchise. The 2018 N7 video message indicates that fans and bioveree employees show a video game franchise for over a decade.

Many fans believed it Mass Effect The franchise died after failing Andromeda. The game even agreed with the game by a manufacturer "In a deep depths." The match was quickly played shortly before it was ready, and it did not measure both the fans and the critics when compared to the previous search. But the franchise will continue to have good news. Speaking on video has supported a bioovirus initiated: The developer still has plans Mass Effect In the future. However, the current focus on bioverter is on The songDeveloper's upcoming MMORPG.

With this new hint Mass Effect The fans are expected to get the lessons learned from Bobia Andromeda To correct the mistake and to create something worthwhile for the first three months.

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Source: Bioware

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