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Bayern Munich 5-1 Benfica: Robert LaVontsovsky overcame 50 Champions League goals

Robert LaVanotski won his 50th Champions League goal in the first half against Benfica

Robert Lavandowski passed the 50 Champions League goals. Bayern Munich booked their place at the knockout stage.

German champions Arjen Robin won two goals in Poland's striker center stadium.

Laodontowski scored his 50 and 51 goals and became the seventh player to achieve this goal.

In the next round, my grandfather was seated in Munich Ajax In group E.

Europe's biggest hitters
The playerThe number of goals in the Champions League
Cristiano Ronaldo121
Lionel Messi105
Karim benzema59
Ruud van Nistoreroi56
Robert Lavandowski 51
Thierry Henry50

Ajax's 2-0 win AEK Athens Violent scenes emerged in the Greek capital, facing the police with the Dutch fans.

When using a South Petrol bomb, Homes fans reportedly broke into the stadium. Former South African striker Dussan Tadik scored two goals.

Somewhere else, CSKA Moscow Losing 2-1 defeats to the knockout stage Victory Place Group G in

As a result, Russia saw it Roma With progress real Madrid, Defensive champions in the Emerald City 2-0 lost.

Group F, Hoffheim Come back to 2-0 to level-level steps in the download Shakhtar DonetskTasson was injured three times in the Ukrainian team.

Manchester CityWith a score of 2-2 Lyon The same night, along with a neighbor, went to Pep Gudielia Manchester United Progress from Group H.

Javanese won 1-0 to Valencia in Turin. Defending champion Felipei lost the match at the time of injury.

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