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Ann and apocalypse: & # 39; a zombie music set for Christmas & # 39;

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Last year, the Apocalypse was shot in Port Glasgow, surrounded by Anna and Anna

The trailer given to High School music was inspired by Ryan McHeney.

Scott's director is the only way the director might like "if all the characters have eaten with soda."

An idea for the film Anna and Apocalypse was sought for public opinion on cinemas. It was three years after Dumfries' 27 year old girl cancer.

The director John McFaul arrived on this screen with a bigger screen.

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Griffin burns

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Picture is from Fridays to UK

"It was a dream of Ryan McHaren," he said.

"Ryan wrote a short film called Scott Musicals and went on to beat Scottish New Talent Buffet.

"Later, Black Camel developed into a feature film."

However, the man behind the McHuntry-winning Rian Gosling did not eat his cinematic videos – the project could not be completed.

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John McFayley said the film had "serious messages and compliments".

"Unfortunately, by 2015, we have been diagnosed with diarrhea due to draft development and development," said McFayley.

"Nieusan Ala Hussain, the long-time friend of his long-time friend, did not want to abandon the project and began searching for directors.

Unfortunately, they looked better than terrorists and music directors.

Then they put a romantic comedy set in a care home at the Glasgow Film Festival – where "Where Are We Going From" Macfai?

His new project was a surprise to the audience.

"It's a very interesting and beautiful film that passes through some really serious messages – it's about deaths and adolescents," he said.

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Hunt said that she liked the "mad imaginations" behind the flame and the apocalypse

"They do not expect to end up crying because people take some time behind it.

"They are laughing, crying and having fun and this is a happy picture – it's amazing".

He said that he was "blowing" in the response of the Film Festival but wanted to wait for a wide appeal.

"It's not a film for kids, I hate the fans or music fans for terrorism," he said.

"We wanted to make a movie, and everyone was happy and happy and cheer up the movie."

Scottish location

McFayell described McFayell as "wonderfully nominated by Scottie Buffett for the best feature film this year".

"This is a music music set in Christmas, it's nuts," he said.

Scottish roots and space are proud of this film.

"Port Glasgow is perfect for us, and people were very happy there," McFayl added.

"We will be in the wind, rain, and snow – we do not mind what we are doing, because it's more than we have.

"That's what we are shooting, that's what we're doing."

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The film deals with the subject of "age coming" as directed by the director

It was a challenge to acting as a hunt in Anna's acting career.

"Scotland is a wonderful place to shoot, we had a group of Scottish stylings," she said.

"The biggest challenge that we had been shooting in February 2017 was to get involved with cold and really cool."

However, she said that she had always wished to escape from the start.

"I like crazy ideas – some behave better," she said.

"I was in the look of adolescent girls and there are three directions that are not familiar with teens.

It is easy for Hazare to have so many things, that's it. I was not that awesome.

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Tommy Rayley and Roddy Hart also gave the music to the film

The film's music has been given the so-called "absolute resemblance" since the projects of Roddy Heart and Tommy Riley began.

"We never wrote a music writer, so trying to write that style is a new universe," said Really.

He described it as "total music independence".

"What we like most is such a terrible project," Hart added.

"It's a zombie musician with comic elements set out in Scotland, do I mean what's wrong?

"Every time we find it, you can find something new – it's a magic picture."

& # 39; Really Slam & # 39;

The completed image is submitted to McHenry. The person who played the role of the director believes that he liked it.

"I can not take anybody else, I can not make my view of someone else," McFayl said.

However, thanks to the friends of McHenry's friends, he believes in it.

"I will be proud of their reactions and really get it cheated," he said.

"One who was panicked and such a comedian, such a sweet and sweet man, he has a truly grateful look."

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