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Angela Smith left the Labor Party. & # 39; Flawless Turn & # 39; Who am I to complain about? | Ash Sarkar | Opinion


OhOn Monday, seven Labor MPs quit the revolution as the independent of the House of Commons House and slide the slide of British politics. As the Labor Party shortly after anrisimasis out the reasons of crisis, Angela Smith is BBC policy to join me live in the studio when sharing his thoughts on the nature of vansiyatayute "black or a charm … you know, different – B, from the group, it is wrong to bi'emi Advertisers ". In the parliamentary sweepstakes, "Get a new split team involved in the three-hour capacity racist scam," your collection from the reception.

Penninstein, as an honorary member of the Stocksbridge, had a background to her opinions. My family, about half of the English passing through the marriage, speaks of racism rather than reconstructing the Spion Cop. I told him that my steps are white, and I want to correct "pink color", his love of garden is only for the protection of the sun. And if I did not mention Smith, it was curious and intolerant Please apologize for a few hours Because there is "no crime" and Twitter guarantees that "war on racism" anywhere on the video [she] Including Portcullis House Kitchen that may be filtered, including.

These are not Smith's comments. I accept a fundamental fundamentalism of everything that I accept, but responsibility is not the same as responsibility. This comment is called "misspelled", like the dictatorship. As someone who speaks about a loved one for years of experience, as an MP, in support of only one person's panel in the present case. "In addition to the future, the Bourk-Cléneckcher couture, people in color are classified as being extraordinarily uncommon. If you want to take that crap, you will have at least the dignity to marry my mama.

The popular brain shining of British elected representatives seems to be my super power. Two weeks before, Conservative MP in Mid Bedfordshire Nadine Doris joined me with another bronze woman and added a much better bone structure. After Dorries apologized, it was not wrong, because she had "all the crimes" that she might have suffered, and newsbeat quickly forgot the story. When doing a lot of things to blame me on a personal level (I went to a girl's school, silently brutal), the two events, the political establishment and the media culture are just how vulnerable people are.

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When asked about Kirsty Wark, the New York Silvan Splitter 7, Chris Leslie, suddenly shocked his colleague's opinion. In the absence of Smith's ice age, which has more than ten lakh views on Twitter, Channel 10 News and BBC News 10 are not featured in today's program. If a worker member has been forgiven very quickly for a statement at the height of the antisemitis crisis in summer, it is unthinkable. The Independent Group, which does not have the speed and effectiveness of disciplinary procedures, has treated the precautionary precaution of the party as a reasonable measure. But since they are not officially presented to their own party, they have tried to ignore such criticism of their inner work. How should I complain about Angela Smith's comments? What kind of disciplinary action does she have? Will these MPs sign on the definition of racial discrimination? When are the organizational press confronting the Independent Group its institutional racial issue?

Angela Smith's Politics Live scene shows more of her personality than the racism of the race: the double standard in the political media reveals the racism of the Left and the responsibility of everywhere else. The Independent group is not new politics offered in their new project – but the same old cycle is racism, rinse, repeat that deep people have faced decades.

Senior editor of Nova Media Ash Sarkar, lectures at the political theory of Sandburg Institute

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