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Alcohol is the oldest of new fans of stale tenants

Mead, the oldest alcoholic drink in the world, is back in handicraft beer.

Pub and festivals grow in the supermarket of honey spiritual products after receiving strong fanfare among younger alcoholic drinks.

The UK's largest retailer, the English Heritage, is home to over 400 preserved memoirs and gift shops. Every bottle is sold every 10 minutes.

29,750 bottles were sold during April 2018 and up to 2018 March. The sale was based on Lime Bay Unilelli, UK's leading Demon. Winner of the award

The meadow made of honey and honey is thousands of years old, once considered the family of the gods, the bees falling from the sky. Improved health and increased longevity.

"One of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world sometimes has a reputation of the old world, but we have seen it have changed dramatically in the last five years," said Van Barton Managing Director Samuel Boultner in a cocktail bar in the hall of Birmingham. "With success [the TV show] The game of Thrones, and the increasing of the popularity of the experimental cocktail, you'll definitely call a new and coming drink, and our customers enjoy that historic call with modern twists. "

Seven of its own brand mids at Lime Bay Bay, due to different flavors, English heritage. Overall, chillies, rubber flavors, christmas varieties, usually sold in 75 liters bottles and 10 variations.

Its drinks are sold in local coops through Waitrose, as well as in agricultural shops, delicatessens and garden centers.

Sophia Atteron, a Bieri Somalier, says: "I find the link between the craft beer boom, the jinnah's love and our love for our food.

"If our culture is tasting new things today, experiencing new things and having new traditions, it will become new to many people, a component to add an instagramable history setting to everyone to want to show everyone a drink."

Regional beer festivals organized by the real alma group Kamra are often marginalized sections of the line. This November, the Cambridge beer festival used 15 different medals. Breeds in Britain were between 4% and 17%.

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