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After the publication of the Economic Index, it can be facing the core – politics politics

In October 2016 Philip Hammond"I'm clear that the British did not vote on June 23, but now they agree," the Chancellor Conservative Party Conference said. The government will give interviews before the publication of official analysis of the consequences of breaking the bread. Even in the Thesesa May project, he ensures that the bracket will try to minimize the British economy, european economists ignoring economists. Today he told Sky News:

If you look for financial benefits, you will have the expense to leave the European Union.

No one who is interested in this topic is not surprised. (2106 upadravamuntakkumenn Hammond knew the economy in October breksirr, trying to emphasize what the people in the conversation hamantin ariyamayirunnat vote), but the decision ham'mantinre this morning with some of his colleagues refuse to believe that the mainstream financial precautions breksirrar He was invited to the throne.

In May we may raise voice. It is heard that all predictions presented by people like Commonwealth Jacob Res-Mung on Monday are embarrassing & # 39; (She really said: "This is an interesting discussion about this house, until the financial forecasts can be described as facts)") It should be asked during the primary question hour. It would be interesting to see if you are prepared to be as harmless as Hammanda.

Hammond's interview was even more. I will post a summary soon.

Here is the current agenda.

9.15am: Airbus and ADS executives give evidence to the Common Business Committee on Bracket.

9.30am: Secretary of Health Secretary Matt Hancock preach at the King's Annual Conference.

9.30am: The Environment Secretary Michael Goa gives evidence to the Common Communications Committee on Bracket.

10am: Karl Jones, who is the Welsh Minister, gives evidence on Carl Sergent inquiry.

10.30am: Former brass design secretary David Davis gives a lecture on the reliability of financial precautions.

11.30 pm: The Brexet department is to publish a government review of Brexit's economic implications.

12 PM: Theresa May and PML are facing Jeremy Corbery.

2.45 pm: Executives from the pharmaceutical industry give evidence to Braecet's Common Business Committee.

4.30pm: Bank of England reviews Brettt's economic repercussions

As usual, I will also cover the worst political news I am going to do, the best response from the web, the comment and the analysis. I plan to post a summary when I'm done, at around 5.30.

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