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& # 39; PSG made us a piece of & # 39; – Koppp Neymar Looks Red over antics | Football

In the initial stages of the Champions League group, Third defeat, Liverpool blamed Juureen Cloppe in Paris Saint Germain and Neymer for making "cashew nuts".

Liverpool manager said Juan Benat and Niemar would be replaced by James Milner.

Referring to the decision of the unofficial referee adviser, referee Sassion Marcionac gave a corner after the explicit foul of Angelina de Maria in Sodonia ma.

Sachin has come up with two players from Liverpool players from PSG. Home golf Magio Veratei and Joe Gomas made a mistake.

Liverpool Booking and PSG The protests of protesters were continuously interrupted. PSG manager Thomas Tussell claims that Klopp's complaints are only a turning point from the cheap loss.

"Now the main heading & # 39; clop said, but the number of hurdles in that competition is not so cool," Klopp said. "We received the award for the Fairfest Games twice in England and after us yellow colors, the PSG was particularly intelligent, but there were many other players.

"We were violent, but unfortunately the dark black people did not help football, we got disappointed and angry, but we had to deal with it, that's our job, but we should handle it if the refresh would allow it to happen."

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Klopp added: "All you can do is give you the yellow cards, if you go down, you will die, and you will get up the next minute, the yellow card, which is unexpected behavior, and it's summer, and it's all down. Wish I do not expect help from a referee, and I hope that all of this will calm down, and it often does not need to be honest, but it happened tonight.

"The crowd grew up, it was very hard, and we were not calm, and Joe Gomez got a yellow card, he was the youngest youngster on the planet, and he was very close to getting red, and we failed because we won two runs and we got one.

Klopp said that the challenge in Gomes was worthy of red. "This is a good idea, and this is exactly the same color as these 500 other yellow cards," he said. "Penality – I do not know why it's too late," he said, "but he did not make a mistake, but it ended."

Liverpool should beat Napoli 1-0 or get two clear goals on December 11th. Cloppe admits: "We need to be at Anfield again and we need to create an uncertain environment."

Thuchel claims that CloP's worries are disappearing and the cracks from the scene of sneak in Liverpool. "I do not think it's a big problem," he said. "We have experienced a lot of trouble and you do not need to make mistakes, especially if you are 1-0. If you are going down now, you do not have 10 fouls in the next 10 minutes.

"When I lose a big game I feel angry and talk about other things to turn me away from my team." I'm jorgant, I think it's good, I'm talking about the game. "

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