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& # 39; Big six & # 39; The energy company, NPW, will reduce 900 jobs

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The six biggest energy providers in the UK, Energy Giant Enfavor, are looking to reduce 900 jobs to save costs.

The energy company is considered to be inadequate due to energy supply.

The launch of the government in January was an "unbelievable" retail fuel market allegation.

NPM has appointed 6,300 people. It was early to tell whether any of the departments were cut down.

However, a spokesperson said the customer service was targeted to save the team.

"We'll continue to predict the loss of this year as we consider these shortcomings, but we're going to keep them short on continuation in service and value," said Enoper Chief Executive Paul Coffee.

The government's new price covers more than £ 1,137 a year for "normal use".

It introduced the energy giant to prevent those who did not favor the price contracts.

The Energy Regulator of Ozem said that the electricity bill costs 76 pounds per year from 11 million customers a year.

However, many producers and hats have announced that the cap will not change. Due to the announcement, a number of small power companies have collapsed.

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The last year was planned to merge with the big SSA

Union E's National Energy Officer Matt Lee said that the announcement of Euphrates was "the tip of the ice".

"Enfair is not the only company, the UK's wholesale retail market has collapsed, and urgently needs to be solved.

"Families across the country are now cheaper, but more power suppliers will be staffed by businessmen and consumers when they are staffing or submitting completely," he said.

Merging derailed

The last year's biggest competition was because SSE had merged its retail business, but limited the plan to companies after the announcement of the cap.

This merger was linked to the retail energy division of SSE, SSA Energy Services, and the NOPOR retailer, owned by the partner of Germany,

Both the performance of the business, fuel prices and fuel market conditions change.

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