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17,000 years after the art firms for this cave to become astronomers

A scene in a cave 15,000 thousand years ago seems to be a tale of a hunter in front of a winged beast. The reading and images between the lines may be described as too big. Maybe astronomy.

The pictures depicted in the famous prehistoric films of the Lascaux are based on a new analysis of artworks. These are not mere stories about hunting. There were signs of the zodiac to record an important event.

Edinburgh and Kent University researchers compared the Somervest Art Works found on the neo-liberal sites around the world. Researchers in Guatemala Tepp, near Montenegro in southwest France, and Qatar's Haute-Reyes

The beast of animals that are known to bulls, lions, and scorpions is not intended to create familiar scenes, but they argue. Instead, they symbolized the stars, which kept the earliest astronomical records.

"Early caves show that people have taken the knowledge of the night sky during the ice age," says Martin Selfinman, a chemical engineer at Edinburgh University's chemical engineer.

If true, instead of causing a major event in an annual town meteorite over 17,000 years ago, the scenes in Lasax were shot.

Know a bit? Researchers have researched the same sculptures that Golbble's tapestries of a comet's store are believed to have caused a temporary fall in ice conditions before 13,000 years ago.

This new study will go further from other site and time periods to other neuthetic art collections.

In the 1940's, a local group of teenagers discovered Laszu's paintings. We took them to their head. It was not exactly clear what they were created, but the experts around the walls were estimated to be around 17,000 years old.

Animals that live in indigenous territories, animals, and animals like bison are also known as arokes.

There is a human form near an Auroch at Shopf's Seal, in the stomach of the stomach in the abdomen.

Just like the wind rim next to, there is a quand on the left. The horse's head is drawn on the other side.

When a cave climbs into a cave, one will notice something, a bird's pain, and their opinions when someone mocks a man in front of his feet.

The caves are considered to be the dominant places associated with the gods. Therefore, these pictures would have to seek God's favor before the statues, as a form of prehistoric passion or prayer.

However, other researchers have found that the presence of different animals around the caves is rarely rare. In the 1960s, French anthropologist Andrei Leoi-Gauran returned, and it was true or evil, either male or female, representing a type of classification system.

Geometric shapes scattered in the images, dots and single lines are difficult for them to try to create customary settings.

They have thought about the topic of astronomical objects for more than 40 years.

Stevemon and colleagues at the Kent University argue that Alistair Combs is now the right approach. Our ancestors should give more credit when they represent the world.

"They are intellectually indistinguishable today", says.

Like the wild boar of the Gobelli tap, the shaft scene shows a beast.

The researchers argue that the injured jungle trail is depicted as star-climatic equivalent in the summer. This bird is in the spring of this bird. Other animals are more speculous, but can be compared with Leo Taurus for another of the other.

For this setting Date of 15,150 can be entered for a few centuries. It is a good thing to look at man.

According to records from Greenland's Ice Corners, the weather forecast has begun to circulate around 1500 BC, but there is no indication that this could be caused by a metaphorical impact.

We have tens of thousands of years to paint and paint animals, and we are not always clear why we do it.

A 40,000-year-old shirt of a lion found in the Hoehlstine Cave in Germany is another strange example. It is caught in the attention of Steveman and the Compass.

"These findings support a theory of various comet influences in human development, and how predictable the population in prehistoric times is probably revolutionary."

There is no doubt that historians have argued for a long time on the ancient art of imagination.

If anything, these facts may need to strictly move from the neutral interpretations, and in the modern world we often ignore it – the night sky.

This research has been published Athens History of History.

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