Monday , June 5 2023

Yevgeny Cosshoe has challenged Ukrainian politicians


Yevgeny Kosovo lost his patience and could not stand it and talked about the constant threats behind him and urged the politicians to speak.

Yvonne Koshyoyi said that Urdu artist, Shorman, Kvartal's 95 member and Yevgeny Koshovi are talking about how to talk to the authorities and threats, but political jokes stop.

In an interview, Yevgeny Kosovo says, sometimes politicians are like life's masters, nobody cares about it, or no one is afraid.

"From the very beginning, I do not understand the seriousness of what we are going to go through, but we're going to have a political theater, and if they have such gaps in their work, they think they're going to be wrong, and we're just joking about it," Yevgeny Kosova said.

The jokes of the Cleater 95 studio clearly reflect the reality of Ukraine, even though they're joking about it, and it's becoming intuitive. Yevgeny Koshevoy hints that the "quarters" jokes about politicians.

"As soon as the people begin to think that everything is good in our country, we will immediately joke about power, and we have ridiculed any government, we will not ask them if they do not promise us anything, so they promise and do not follow the promises. You know, the boy said, "That boy is a bigger yard when they have broken the child's words and I think this is wrong," said Yevgeny Koshei.

Yevgeny Koshyoyi advises politicians to contact him directly.

"But if you have a male position, let's talk: Call all the honest people, as they say, again, in the courtyard, you know: One time you can go out, we grow everywhere, believe me, and once again we go one more time. My phone is going away, one of the ears is calling Note cuparayukayum are expressed, he cevikkeantirikkunnatentanennat: the right to publicly comment, so we can discuss! … But no one calls, "- said Shoma.

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