Friday , November 22 2019
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Xiaomi is preparing a router for a slot with a SIM card

Chinese company Xiaomi is contemplating a range of network devices with the new Router Series Router.

Information about the preparations for the new products was revealed by the vice president of the Shiomymi Tongue. "Many users ask if a new router will be released in 2018. I have a photo. A new product is being tried., "I'm writing a message on the Weibo network.

In the above image, a part of the rear panel of the projected device is captured. A new router has been set up with two network ports connecting Ethernet cables.

Also, you can take a slot for a SIM card on the back of the router: In this way, you can connect to mobile networks. Of course, we are talking 4G / LTE services.

The new router is made in a white canash with many antennas. In the top panel you will see the LED indicators that inform you of the current status information.

The next month's announcement will be on.

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