Thursday , September 29 2022

Xiaomi has launched a smart toilet lid with 5000 hryvnia


Xiaomi Tinymu is a new product for smart home. New cover is a cover for toilet making and a wise voice assistant. Thanks to them, you can control many activities such as heating the surface surface or washing at appropriate temperatures.

Xiaomi Tinymu is a great gadget for those who like toilet in the toilet. The Chinese company has useful utensils that are useful in a smart home. It is included in the device mentioned in it. Timimu will help you stay in the waiting room.

Xiaomi tinymu

Xiaomi Tinymu is an enhanced version of the first model. A special feature is the artificial intelligence, especially the sound assistant. Unfortunately, XiaoAI Assistant is still ideal for Chinese users, but support is planned in English. Sound Assistant option allows users to control the gadget using the command. In this way, you can control many activities such as heat or heater.

Xiaomi tinymu

Xiaomi Tinymu has special sound alert when we are in the toilet more than 30 minutes. The panel is very easy and is ideal for braille users. This device comes with a ceramic heater. This will heat the water quickly to wash. There are 11-stage pressure controls. The surface area of ​​toilet seats, It is made from Koli.

Toilet lid 1299 yuan cost, or 5,000 hryvnia. Currently, this gadget is purchased within a popular funding company.

Xiaomi Tinymu – Key Features:

  • XiaoAI Voice Assistant (Chinese only)
  • Ability to adjust water pressure and temperature during washing
  • E. coli Special substances against bacteria
  • Simple interface to use blind users

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