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Vera Brunne's daughter published a collection of photos

Sonia Kipmer posted a photo on the social network

Vera Brushnav. Photo:

Vera Brushnav. Photo:

It is rare for Sonia Kipmerman to share a photo on her Instagram page, the 17 year old Vera Brushne's oldest daughter. Recently, the girl posted an archived photo with the veil, they smile together, pose for the photographer. The day of Mother Days's photo is over, and in many different countries it is celebrated in different countries. Sonia decided to congratulate her on the last Sunday of November.

"The daughter of the world, my daughter, I love you", that is, the happiest daughter of the world, dear, I love you, Sonia


Her daughter, along with Sonia, is also a brush


Earlier, on her Instagram page, Vera Brushnov published a new picture with her 17-year-old daughter Sonia. The fans of the singers did not understand where the mother was and where the daughter was.

In addition, Sonia has recently released films with full growth. In the photo, Vera and Sonia have similar players – short shorts, tops and balensiaga bastel shookers.


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