Saturday , June 10 2023

Ukrainian Army receives KBA.117-02 grenade launchers – photo and video


The State Enterprise “Design Bureau”, part of the State Corporation “Ukroboronprom”, successfully completed the testing of the artillery weapon, 30mm automatic heavy grenade launcher KBA117-02 in the infantry version. Ukrainian army.

This was reported in the press service of the enterprise.

The grenade launcher was tested at Test Range 169 at the Desna Training Center with the participation of 1285 military representatives from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

KBA.117-02 grenade launchers were transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the infantry version, but the exact amount of weapons delivered is not yet known. KBA.117-02 is an analogue of the Soviet AG-17 grenade launcher, intended for installation on combat modules. This version does not have weapon targeting and manual landing gear.

The 30mm automatic grenade launcher is designed to keep enemy manpower and firearms out of shelters, in open streams and creeks, and behind natural terrain barriers.

The KBA-117 grenade launcher was officially approved by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2019.

Experiments with the upgraded automatic grenade launcher in infantry configuration KBA.117-02 KBAO 2020 began in October.

As previously reported by “Apostrophe” Shiroki passed the lawn in the Nikolaev region at the training ground Introduction to the Self-propelled Artillery Unit (ACS) model, It was developed in Ukraine.

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