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Turkey – Ukraine – 0: 0 – TDT Competition Analysis, Match Best Player Records 11/20/2018 Syncco


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The national team in Ukraine beat statistical calculations on the national team of the tournament

Alexander Zinchenko - the best player in the match Turkey - Ukraine. Photo FFU

Alexander Zinchenko – the best player in the match Turkey – Ukraine. Photo FFU

Andre Shevchenko's team in 2018 was completed Ukraine – 0: 0 The quality of the game was very successful. Especially in the first half. For 90 minutes the Ukrainian national team's players expressed more than 200 technical strategic steps (946: 746) more than an opponent. For low marriage (17%: 23%) allowed. In addition, the Ukrainians won more time (54% of the time) and won 54% of Western tales.

In the first half, the Ukrainian group conducted 546 operations in the second row. In the first half, the marriage was 15%, the second 22%, the ball owner 58% and 50%. The same image applies to attacks (51:43), interactions (23:22), rebound (36:24), strokes (16: 8) and strikes (7: 6).

On the way, footnotes that are not really final. The Ukrainian team has a team more than the Turkish team – 13:12. More precisely, we have broken – from 5: 2 to the limit of penalty up to 7: 5. About one third of our half of the money was brought to us.

Our team took part in nominal midfielder Kovalenko, who only performed three TDs in the penalty area of ​​the opponent. Tinknkov, Linnet (Sinchin) and Xinchheng (less than 10)

The analytical firm, INA Index, has received highest ratings from 325 points. In addition, the Ukrainian national team was with Lin (304), with the armor and the Mikholonco (285 each).

In the competition, Sincano scored 130 TDD (mostly in the team) with 18% marriages. The midfielder "Manchester City" made 13 interventions and rebounds, went through three strokes successfully, gave eight sharp passes, scored two shots and scored eight Mariels.

No wonder Chevchenko game after Turkey – interview with Ukraine TV channel "Football-2" He made it to the team. However, he said he was happy in his first half. But the last tip was missing.

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