Sunday , May 28 2023

The next day, Keynes warns us about the ice caps and the snow in the capital city


Kiev, on Thursday night, predicts snowfall on Thursday night, snow in the atmosphere during the day is falling. There is a disaster in the capital and other accidents.

Kiev reports the State Department's press release, citing Ukrainian Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to weather forecast, the northeast wind will be 5-10 millimeters (8-10 degrees Celsius) and 5-7 degrees Celsius at daytime, "KSCA told a press conference.

Light frost is expected from January 25-26 at Kiev.

"We suggest that drivers do not park on roads and roads for the proper operation of frosting devices. We do not want to use private cars in extreme heat and prioritize public transport.

If the journey can not be avoided, the Kiev authorities instruct the drivers to monitor the limitations of the speed limit and the telescope, to avoid risks and quickly reach other transactions on the road and lead to urgent conditions; When you reach footwear and crossing positions, you can slow down. "Do not forget to turn on side lights or fog lights," – recalled at KSCA.


According to the Strona Report, two passengers collided with buses and several cars and trucks under the Danner.

During one day of bad weather, remember that more than eighty accidents occurred in Ukraine.

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