Sunday , January 29 2023

The news is striking due to the dangers of Mariapal schools and kindergartens.


The school, schools, and two universities that have suffered a power supply flow from the village Kameng to the pumping station in Novoslovakia have resulted in closure of two university offices. Director of Department of Education, Damien Bradoov said. MRPL City

"Now in Central, depending on the children's access to schools or institutions in the districts of the management kindargarttanukalum primirski down, the water supply represents, depends on the Heater, institutional environment temperature. Restore offers two hours of heating. However, you are building in Pau Must act. Sekharikkunnunt from all the information that is currently leader of the sthitigatikalekkuricculla, "said tatyana bradkikkav.

Mariupol residents have already reported noting to cancel school № 9 classes.

Classes were canceled due to the thermal disruption in Mariapole State University and the Permat State Technical University.

The Central and Primorsky districts of Marupul are continuing without cold water supply due to the pipeline from the pumping pump in Nozossek from Queenszki village.

We remind you that we work in Mariupol City-Boat "Nasser" in the checklist. He works on the basis of the Contact Center. This is a timely announcement of the time taken for emergency removal of the specific addresses, water supply, light and related communities.

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