Sunday , January 29 2023

The new Porsche shows 911 official photos


A new product from Porsche will appear on the Los Angeles Auto Show from November 30 to December 9.

The new official photos of Porsche 911 appeared on the web. The Jalapenic report was based on a closed forum.

The 992 Los Angeles Auto Show will be presented on the basis of the Internal Index nomination.

Porsche 911 is longer than its predecessor. Furthermore, the technology of the game car has increased the technology for more security.

In the Porsche 911 engine compartment, lid and titled are connected to an LED strip.



The car's electronics will become more new. Erase Speed ​​will be set up by the new electronic panel of PDK robot and electronic selectors. The information about the three-liter turbo engine has not yet been confirmed. He can speed up cars up to 100 km per hour within four seconds.

The upgraded Range Rover has been upgraded to an upgraded Crossroar Evoque. The car presented in a special event in London. Ford has also provided the FWV and Focus Wagon.

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