Friday , May 20 2022

The Milky Way faced a powerful blast: astronomers made a thorough detection – new technology news – photos and videos


An international team led by Professor Peter Talal invented a double-star system in the galaxy. That threatened gamma-ray explosion.

Nature published a study published in Astronomy magazine and a place in the University of Sydney. This is the Aphrosis system. In the two vans, the stars Wolf and Ray. It is named after the ancient Egyptian goddess Qasei.

This system is located 8,000 light years from Earth. Scientists believe that the first known candidate in the Milky Way to be a dangerous gamma-ray. This is one of the most vibrant events in the universe. A star breaks out and dies.


In the galaxies, astronomers have not yet been unearthed in a single gamma-ray rate. Calculates the data presented in the study. Each has two brightest stars that revolve around every hundred years.

Scientists have learned the techniques of this "Orbital Dance" using Spectroscopy. They measured the speed of the stellar wind up to 12 million km per hour. This will have a percentage of light speed.

The Milky Way galaxy faces a powerful blast: astronomers have made a terrific finding

In addition, a large spiral powder found; The investigation was conducted. Computations Apop system is ready for a powerful gamma-ray explode. However, the modern inhabitants of the earth should not worry – perhaps, the explosion occurs thousands of years.

"We immediately identified something that was quite unusual," says co-author Dr. Joe Kallingham says: "The light near the spectrum has gone, and when you see a dust that surrounds these dust particles, respect the sun goddess of the sun god of Egypt and respect the dying serpent."

On November 18, OBOZREVATEL reported that a stronger solar radiation was on Earth. The storm consists of the solar particles associated with our planet.

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