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The "euroblathers" bans on many checkpoints

In many checkpoints, eurobliders raised the blockade

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Most checkpoints have been closed

Conditions are difficult during Volvoy customs. However, many checkpoints have been restored by Border Guard and Customs officials.

Tranquebaran, a number of check points in Levy Consultancy, movement center. On Monday, November 26, the Interfax-Ukraine SFS Reference reports.

At the same time, the situation in Wolverine customs is very difficult. The defenders are continuing to keep them out of Ukraine from Yakodin and Ustalyon.

There are no queues in Uganda to enter Uganda, waiting for 200 trucks, 20 passenger cars and three buses to leave, "deputy spokesperson Natalya Netafine said.

Walking pedestrian traffic is usually performed by pedestrians in the morning.

In addition, the Shingi Medica, Krakovets-Korchevaya and the dusk continues to block Ruska-Khreberne point.

The traffic point is unlocked by traffic in Agrinive-DolgoBichu.

Trans Patianan Customs Uszorod, Kosan, Lushanka, "Forks" and Nauternoleff are also working.

Traffic reopened in Solonino checkpost. They stayed in the morning until seven.

There is no traffic in the Tisa Checkpost and Small Barezini Customs checkpoint.

It was already known that Poland had the most intense situation in the border. As reported, "Europoster" protests completely blocked the borders of Ukraine and Poland. This section will only open on a checkpoint.

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