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Tesla's billions loss, Subaru Legacy teasers, and other auto industrial events – Autoreview

Tesla The fourth quarter results and the results of 2018 have been reported. For the first time in the history of the company, there was profit during the two quarters. In the third quarter, revenue of $ 311.5 million was $ 139.4 million over the previous three months. But by the end of the year, the company lost $ 1 billion. 976 million dollars. It will lose $ 2 billion by 2017. Ellon Musk has suggested that Tesla will benefit from each time.

German rally driver Walter Rowl The International Federation of Motor Sports (FIA) was inducted into the hall of fame. The ceremonies took place on January 30 in Paris. In the hall of fame, 71-year-old Ruhl Formula One was the first radio racing champion to win in the world ranking and the first motor racing champion. The final stadium of the World Rally Championship has four wins in the Monte Carlo Rally and two. Since 1993, Worst Roll Porsche is an Ambassador in the Brand.

Scott Faulk is a company based Camps in Scotland A road road campaign is based on a min Mitsubishi Decca D: 5 For Japanese market – the advantages of traffic on the left side of both countries excludes expensive steering transfer. However, Scotty also provided a high speed suspension, different locks, dip beds, a cooking stove and a roof made of a solar battery. The price of the gamper is 28 thousand pounds, and Volkswagen is 1.5 times twice the size of California. The first show of cars will be held at Glasgow Auto Show on February 7.

German renting companies Hertz 120 foreigners arrived Jeep Runner Unlimited The Sahara has been made. All the cars have a 200-turbo turbo diesel and reducing gear. Last year, in Germany, 2300 wheelers of the new generation were sold, 90% more than the 2017 result.

A weekly show at the Chicago Auto Show will feature a sedan Subaru Legacy New generation. The first teaser of the American company confirmed the first day of the company. The outdoors image does not offer anything from the ordinary, but the interior snapshot is controversial: the sedan will have a vertical tablets such as Volvo. Details – Soon!

Kia Pegas, the Chinese low-cost sedan, is developing new markets based on the REO's latest generation. In the fall, the cars began to be handed over to Egypt, and now the model is set up in Philippines Kia Sudeto. The sedan with the 1.4 engine (95 HP) has simple devices and cost from $ 12,000. In China, Beijing is $ 7500.

Iran's own design plans to introduce the first electric car of the sedan Saifa Saina EV A typical four-door sine has a 4.2-inch electric motor motor with a 4.2 meter long radial sofa and 28 kW ∙ H traction battery. The mileage stated in a charge is 200 km, recharging from one home network to four hours, the maximum speed is 130 km and the speed of one hundred 100 is 12-13 seconds. Although this is an experimental sample, mass production has not been planned.

The 40th anniversary celebrations in Germany Volkswagen Golf Convertible. On February 14, 1979, the first golf course opened in Lower Saxony Osnabrück, which began at Karman, opened the first generation. Volkswagen is ready to showcase a memorial during the annual festival. Visitors can see visitors on February 1 at the Bremen Auto Show. By the way, the company currently does not have a Golf Kabaratel model: Construction has been discontinued in 2016.

Volkswagen Electricity started producing Toyota Corolla sedans in Europe and Russia, a new version of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class mini-Chevrolet Corvette, and the last version of the Chevrolet Corvette.

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