Sunday , April 2 2023

Sodoskos stole the legs of Schwarzer, and insulted himself throughout the entire Instagram


When singer Anna Sadooko took photos of others, pumped her legs, insulted herself in every instrument, received hundreds of quiz copies, dull comments, and formal replies. They posted a photo to make an acrobatic trick in a flag. At first glance, everything is fine – the artist is known for expressing a strong relief network and athletic skills.

Her body is not a clear minus alone. Owners of Photoshop or Sedoko have done a good job in the photo. Of course, the singer often visits Jim, increases special reputation, but to the same extent! No philosophy has been saved.

"The conservative paranysides are realistic from the interactive scale?" Tonyino Benakkevisto, "Sedokova shared the philosophy of footnote.

Some fans appreciated the artist's personality.

"What a brilliant girl you are," "very fortunate with the body", "wow !!! what an account!", "What are you") and Mommy! When is Sedokova a lot of pump? "- Write comments.

Some have pointed out that Zedokoquo misused the photo editors.

"In my opinion, these are not your legs, other photos, normal plumbing legs, and the muscles of the fitness bikini girl here." They need more pronouncements in theory, why do you worry so much to bring these muscles so close? "

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