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Pompey said Pompey offered him military aid / Gordon

Ukraine Petro Poronungo quoted US State Secretary Mike Pompio as saying. CNN said in an interview that he has full support of the Krebs Strait's Russian supremacy.

After the Ukrainian warships broke into the black sea of ​​the Russian Federation, US Secretary of State Mike Pompey promised Ukraine to support the military. About this, Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with CNN. Highlights the record from the interview Unexpected In her Twitter channel journalist Christian Ampopor.

"In this conversation, we promised to guarantee our sovereignty, to safeguard our sovereignty, to defend our sovereignty, to coordinate our activities, and with full support, including military assistance," Poroshenco said.

Russia's Ukraine-Ukraine Association Committee Chairman Damiaz Rossati said that if Russia was to capture Ukrainian warships in the Black Sea, the sanctions on it should be strengthened, and it is essential for closing the project of the Russian Northern Gas Transit Corridor.

On November 25, the Russian Federation conquered the Black Sea boats of the Ukrainian Navy "Berdyansk" and "Nicole" and the "Yana Kapu", passing the Kerch Strait into the sea of ​​the sea.

On November 26, Naval Command, the Naval Commander of Ukraine, reported three injuries in injuries. One is an employee, two men are the services of the contract service.

Vasyl Hrytsak, head of security services in Ukraine, told reporters that the sailors had been in charge of counter-intelligence support for Ukraine's Navy units. According to him, a bureau officer was seriously injured.

Criminal lawyer Lille Gemedzhi said on November 27, that the "criminal" is defending the Ukrainian sailors.

On November 27, "human rights commissioner" in Lithuania Lumbina said, "We have taken preventive measures for the marines and sailors and will be elected councilors and SBU employees on November 28.

Different number of Ukrainians who catch the first: 22 to 24 people. On November 26, the media published 22 titles. Now the Prosecutor General's Office in Ukraine reported that the Russian Federation's occupying power had seized 24 Ukrainian troops. Later Nulukkik published their names.

On November 27, the Crimean "Court" arrested 15 Ukrainian marines.

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