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One year from year to year

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According to – Regular Calls Regular Meeting, federal chairman Jerome Powell comments on the spirits of bulls affected last year. The market responded to the "Pavin" rhetoric, and at 2660 p.

However, all of this ended, today at 6 o'clock Moscow time, and quotes even 2,680 p. Yes, the Downtown Index has risen above the 200-day average and the Emerging Markets have also reached, but the S & P 500 does not rise to this level and correction is already under way. Today I've worked very badly. Italy already has negative. Valerie Weisberg, Director of Investment Company "Region", says that in connection with Venezuela, risks are rising, Brazil has a complex discussion on pension reforms, all talk about a "risk". "This tendency is still below, and in the best possible way, the market is being reached in the short-term integration phase, which is not far-reaching for growth."

But this day took another favorable responsibility. US President Donald Trumpt wrote on Twitter: "Discussions about a trade dispute with China" is well. "After this message, the Futures of the S & P 500 Index reached 2708," If everything goes well in China then the Federonic pigeon signal will work very strongly, we will get a positive charge for more than one year, "said the director general of Otkritie Broker Sergei Khestanov Sergei Khestanov.

However, as long as all expectations and expectations remain. In his message no trump resort went unnoticed: "There will be no final contract until my friend sees in the near future [КНР] C [Цзиньпином]Long-term and more complex subjects. "The meeting of leaders of the two countries is expected to end on the end of February with the end of the new liability introduced in December.

Not everything in the federal case. Apart from all the "rhetoric" rhetoric did not appear. Significantly, the three-year course for strengthening economic policy has been indicated as a result of pressure on the US economy due to the recession in the global economy. Today, the German government has revised its growth rate of GDP from 2018 to 1.8% to 1%. This is because of the possibility of a "hard" version of the breakelet. As expected, in 2019 the GDP growth will drop from 3% to 2.5%.

"Strategic issues have not been eliminated, so far, the market price is low and the fund balance is going to decrease, and one or two quarters of dollars will be weakened and everything will increase against the dollar, not only the US stock market but also the market production, but we will face these problems, not a single chunk away from the challenge – That's it But it can never be overcome, but all the crises are showing that it's late, they are oppressed, "they continued Sergei Kistanov.

"The federal will maintain this rhetoric and thus continue to believe anything in the market, because they will have to abandon the rate because we can see the risk of rising, Walry Weisberg agrees to the capital flow in the United States, in the face of the general adverse background," This is a continuation of a transition to risk. If you are expecting, usually everybody goes to the risky asset in the first quarter and do not waste any more time. "

But better, the oil price was at the highest level – however, today, today at 6 o'clock, as has happened more recently. If he missed the previous gains in the past, then at 21.30 mark, he went 61.15 dollars, ie 0.5 percent at the end of the previous day. However, this is a strong instability and the next "bull-bull."

In the Russian market, the index rose by 1.29 per cent to the third position in the index. Ruby stabilizes stability and increases to 65.6. "The risk of the Federal interest rate is lower than the rubbish, the balance of the balance is very good, and we are already at 200 days average." If Central Bank really finds buying a currencies, it can be further strengthened if it does not try to influence the exchange rate, which will be clear next week, "Valery Werisberg believes.

(Prepared by text Daniel Jhbolenov)

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