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Nikita Mikhalkov resisted Putin's

The Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov said in an interview with YouTube friend Blogger Yuri Dudy, who defended his friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In an interview for an interview, the director could not always criticize the head of state.Watch the video below).

"You serve the stupid, as a producer, you should not criticize Vladimir Putin, strangers, liberals, the Americans, and Ukraine and anyone else in our country," said Dudh, "the survey."

"You are now getting stuck," Mikhailov said. "We never say we blame ourselves. Are we accusing us in Ukraine?" Was it in Ukraine made in 23 years? I usually talk to a vacuum pump and I speak. "

He tried to expel the director but could not convince the discussionman.

"I say what I think, unfortunately, I'm good for a huge realizes the responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the person, due to an incorrect drug olukunnu.pattinre water via a live broadcast, communicate with people, ask questions about these topics it.atukeant President of intervention buying It also criticized the strongest power that exists in a country, unresolved nilanilkkunnilla.atinan other people … "- he tried to explain.

The director Objovvattal reported to Dudu about the relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian leader's friendship.

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