Tuesday , January 31 2023

Mining Bitcoins are energy-gold mining


Scientists in the US have discovered that energy costs of some cryptrocrackers are very low in energy costs.

For the first time, researchers estimate how much energy is needed on Bitcoins and other crypto counters (Eter, LightCoin, Monorro) from 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2018. For this purpose, they used publicly available information on the components of the equipment needed for mining and market price.

Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero require 17, 7, 7 and 14 meglobes to get a dollar for Bitcoins. They speak only about computer activity, their cooling systems and other infrastructure.

Scientific literary works employed "extraction" of cryptocountry and data used in the production of different metals, their market prices, and energy consumption to compare compounds with real metals. Bitcoins have seven times less power consumption than one dollar aluminum (122 megawatts), but copper (4 megaways), gold (5 megawaz), platinum (7 mg) rare earth metals (9 megawalu).

"Cryptocartan's market price is very shaky, but it also shows that the hash rate is steadily rising in three currencies, and the energy costs are increasing," writes authors.

However, future changes in cryptocortine algorithms would have led to a decrease in the power consumption of mining.

"Over five years, it's possible to buy something in the Amazon or to have a drink in a coffee shop," accompanied CryptoCorrect. "However, people should be aware of the true value of this new technology."

However, researchers have shown that cryptocortinitis and minerals are only in the process of separation.

"Although the production of invisible Bitcoins is energy-saving, researchers have shown that energy consumption is less expensive than metals, which is extracted from tobacco, and is again stored and transported and transported.

Scientists estimate that in 2017, electricity consumption of 8.3 trillion kg of Bitcoins is expected. It is equal to the energy consumption of Angola and Panama. If we accept half the bitcoin accounts in CryptoCorter's total energy consumption (like half the value of that period), then the total power consumption in Cuba or Slovenia's economy can be compared.

In the last two years scientists have estimated the carbon footprint of mining from 3 to 15 million tons of carbon dioxide. Additionally, mining in China creates a greenhouse gas emissions four times greater than Canada due to the nature of the energy system in the country.

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