Friday , June 9 2023

Microsoft asked Microsoft to ask for help with Windows 10


It is reported on the Xbox website (specially for Microsoft's development of games).

The company started a new discussion, which became a direct player.

"The Xbox team would like to hear your thoughts on how to improve gaming on Windows .Generating Windows 10 to Improve Your Gaming Experience What features would you like to add or change to make gaming on Windows 10 better?" .

How the Xbox Teams have asked a lot of questions to improve the experience of playing on Windows 10, then play some other games they want to see on Windows 10. In response to all these questions, users can give their suggestions to improve gaming on Windows 10 or vote for an existing proposal.

Those ideas that get more votes from the game will be developed. For example, there are already offers to disable unwanted processes during game playlist, create a special edition of gamers' windows, improve chat, and extend local support for Xbox Live.

Developers promise to fix those moments that get the most complaints.

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