Friday , June 9 2023

Mexico's famous American comedian Kevin Barnet dies


The 33-year-old American actor, actor and screenwriter Kevin Barnet was in Mexico. This is reported by last date.

The death of a comedian was not yet known. On another day, Kevin posted a photo of a trip boasting about buying clothes in a photo of an Instagram.

In New York, Barnett was known as a waking star. He has acted in dumb dumber-2, stuck on u and lucus brass motion series serials. He participated in the screenplays of Celebate Week, The Girl of My Nymeys, and Avaritis New.

Barnet also directed Bart Booths.


Remember that the "Star Trek" and "Monster Family" died of cancer.

British comedian died after two days of marriage.

Earlier in the year, comedian Jerry Lewis died aged 92.

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