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Medvedev spoke about the fight against Zagato


Atletic's view was no hostility.

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According to Russian football legend EvaJania Medvedevy, in the Olympic Games in 2018,

Medvedev spoke about the fight against Zagato

Photo: Evgeny Semenov

Aleena Zagitto, Ivanjiye Medvedevva, and the trainer Ethri Thuther

"I do not understand where they came from, we had a conflict with Alina and I do not have any contradiction, and more precisely, I do not talk to myself and I will talk for myself, I'm not at stake with Alina, no regret," RIA Novosti cites Medvedev.

The scatterer emphasized that he was deeply respected by Sigitako as an athlete.

Particularly, after the Olympic season, Meddwitz expressed strongly that Zagito continued to maintain his standard. The Olympic Champion is running twice now, "It's very impressive." The skateboarding of the character is one who worked harder than Societo at the Olympics in the South Korean Penhen.

In the 2018 Olympics gold medal, Ivanjia Medvedev and Aleena Zagato were called the main market. Following the Olympics, Metevae led by Etti Tutareberg, abandoned the group and moved to Canada for training in Brian Orr. Commenting on Atelte's departure, Tatarstan talked of jealousy about Zagdidi. McGevw was not jailed for another year, coach after the Olympics, he said.

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