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McDonald's strike: Salaries and torture are very low

May 24, 2019 16:03 875 views

Hundreds of McDonald's fast food chain workers participated in the strike in America. The workers were protesting against lower wages, insecure labor conditions and sexual abuse.


McDonald's employees from 13 cities of America and their cafés were left in the middle of the day. As a result, there were significant failures in many institutions. Thus, ten institutions of the network in St. Louis were suspended.

During the protests, fast food chain staff increased the minimum wage by 15 dollars per hour. Many McDonald employees talked about sexual abuse. Complaints about these events have been ignored or have been known as jokes. Others said they experienced "consequences" of submitting complaints about working hours or work loss.

McDonald's head Steve Easterbrook The company is committed to dealing with harassment and partiality at work. McDonald's improved its anti-corruption policy, trained staff and opened a hotline for complaints.

This is more than $ 10 for first hour of restaurant ownership. The federal government's minimum amount is $ 7.25 per hour. However, 90 percent of the 14,000 McDonald's restaurants in the United States are working in the franchise and McDonald's salary is not set up.

Amazon has appeared in the scams since the lower wages paid to their employees earlier.

In addition, French retail trade lost 1 billion against the protest.

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