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Manchester City wants to buy a dynamo defender

The defenders of the Ukrainian national team and Manchester City club defender Zenzhenko said that the players of the Moscow-based Dynamo in the list of young players are very keen and one of the Kiev players will soon be part of the team.

"The main opponent of Danko is Shaktar's main opponent, and I am very happy that many of their students play and I would say a secret: I recently asked one of the players of Pep Guardiola's Assistant Michael Dianet, who wanted me to quit this championship. Til is my opponent, "Alexander Sinchko added in his great football campaign.

Alexander Sinjenka "on the left side of" Manchester City ", in this position we talk about the three players who play Dynamo Kiev – Vittaliya Morkelingo, Josip Piwariche, Sidcliffe.

According to OBOZREVATEL, Manchester City midfielder Alexander Zinchenko was a historic achievement author of Ukrainian Football.

It was during this period that the left wing left the England champions. Do not be a part of our forefathers. The only player in Ukraine to have been the highest ever player in the Premier League was the Idiasian dynamic player Oleg Lushney. England won the English Championship in the London Arsenal 2001/2002.

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