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Kat Mitdon was the first to comment on Future Child Megan and Prince Harry Glamor

The Dutch said the older children are waiting with awaited Christmas.

Duchess Kate Middletown at Caesbridge, while visiting Leicester, she and Prince William The award of the owner of a football club is to be remembered, The first time the future kid was reacted about Megan Markel and Prince Harry.

After the mourning, the princess held a meeting with students from the local university. They began to ask about their children and the upcoming reproduction of the British royal family.

Kate Middleton, Prince Williams


The five-year-old Prince George and the three-year-old princess, Charlotte, are preparing for Christmas. The seven-month-old brother, Louis, is growing fast.

They are well, thank you. They celebrate Christmas and repeat the holidays … Louis has seven months, and I can not believe it was such a big child, "said William the Princess.

The students wanted to hear about the imminent birth of the firstborn Harry and the Magan. All the members of Queen Elizabeth's family were very enthusiastic about him.

The Duchess of Cambridge said: "The birth of a child is a special event, George, Louise and Charlotte will have a relatives or cousins.

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Earlier, Kensington Palace, Megan and Harry were officially praised for the royal family members. Now the Duchess spoke to me.

The rumors about the massacre of the Dutch began to spread in Western magazines It was brought to Majen Kate Middleton prior to the wedding. They say that the absence of friendship between the Dutch will be one of the reasons to come From Kensington Palace to Megan and HarryAnd there they lived with the residue of the house of the king.

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